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Dabinlo Lab was founded by Alvinsing ( and Sing Jantzen Tse in 2016, as a media art group, Dabinlo focuses on video, sound, and explores new-media art development such as AR/VR. From 2016 until now, Dabinlo lab has been working on art archives and documentations with local art organizations including Mill6CHAT, Taikwun Contemporary, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong Visual Arts Society, also institutions such as Fine Arts CUHK, Chinese University Architecture Alumni Association. In 2017 artwork “​Virtual​ ​Backyard​ ​of​ ​Reality” experiments the possibility of VR art. By combining ​360​ ​video, 360​ ​soundscape​ with a dedicated game engine design, the artwork creates a virtual experience of a modified Hong Kong landscape. In 2019 “Dabinlo Channel” experimented with the social media platform by creating a series of experimental animations interwoven with sound and video. Contact us: Instagram: @dabinlolab Facebook: @dabinlolab